Coming Out–Exploring the Future of Love

Playlines approached looking for a technology solution for the Future Fest conference in London in 2016. By implementing i-Beacons we created an immersive and highly responsive augmented reality theater experience

Can we use i-Beacons to create an augmented reality theater experience?

Playlines wanted to create an immersive theatre experience which explored of the future of love and dating. Their goal was to create something that was immersive and highly responsive to the individual audience member’s choices and interactions. It needed to be a completely “heads-up” experience so as to allow users to engage. Their show was being produced in collaboration with Nesta and Roundhouse, taking place in and around Nesta’s massive FutureFest conference at Tobacco Dock.


Our Process

In order to create "Coming Out", provided the authoring tool and an iBeacon-enabled Unity template and support. The Playlines team, Rob Morgan & Dustin Freeman, wrote and oversaw the recording and the technical and theatrical direction of the experience. Playlines used the authoring tool to specify which narrative points would be triggered by which iBeacons. More importantly, it allowed their team to reconfigure and iterate on their narrative easily and quickly.

The Solution

Playlines provided mobile devices with the powered app already downloaded for the conference attendees. They were given headphones, started the app and then put it in their pocket. From there, the voice of an AI, a virtual wingman, helped them navigate different virtual dates, interact with live actors, and explore different narratives based on where they walked throughout the venue.


The Results

The Coming Out experience was an incredible achievement. The show was a huge success with more than 500 attendees exploring the festival in a completely new way.

We look back to Coming Out @ Futurefest, where Roundhouse Radio stepped out of the studio and into the East End, to tell a story about the future of love.

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