ConQuest - An Experiment with Conference Gamification

ConQuest brings location-based technology to events like festivals and conventions, to create interactive stories, gameplay, and richer event experiences. ConQuest approached in need of a technology partner that could build a beacon-driven app for the Vancouver Comic Arts festival.

Can We Increase Attendee Engagement with Conference Gamification?

ConQuest had partnered with the Vancouver Comic Arts festival to create an app that would enhance the conference experience through beacon-driven minigames and interactive stories. The goal was to increase visitor engagement with the artists, extend the amount of time attendees stayed at the conference, and to encourage repeat visits.

The ConQuest app had two significant gameplay elements:

  1. A beacon-driven scavenger hunt that unlocked content and prizes for attendees
  2. A social photo-sharing game in which attendees helped “The Patron” (a live actor) curate art for a chance to win a prize bundle at the end of the day.
The Camouflage, Lucca Comics Mask Festival, Italy, October 2009

Our Process

The ConQuest app was developed over the course of 2 months. The Motive authoring tool allowed the ConQuest team to start creating the in-game content and gameplay early in the development cycle while the developers built the app and prepared it for iOS and Android release.

Using’s social features and activity feed monitor, ConQuest was able to monitor attendee engagement during the event in real time. The authoring tool and hosting services allowed ConQuest to make changes to the app as the conference was running without having to wait for a new app release through the iOS and Android app stores.

The Solution prepared iOS and Android apps for ConQuest in about 2 months. The apps supported a number of features that allowed ConQuest to create a uniquely engaging experience:

  • iBeacon and GPS triggers
  • Background updates that allowed the app to continue running even when the screen was off
  • Real-time activity feed that monitored user engagement and powered picture-sharing minigame
  • Push notifications that allowed ConQuest to message players directly

The Result: Happy Clients and An Engaging Conference

…I landed a big client and I needed a technology partner. came through with the technology and expertise. They were an amazing partner.