Liminus–A Location-Based Theater Experience

We were approached by Nick Medvescek & Tau Zaman who were looking for a platform to create a pervasive theater experience for the MIT Hacking Arts festival in 2016. By fusing location-based services and live actors, participants were immersed in a groundbreaking theater experience.

Can We Fuse Location-Based Services and Theater to Create an Immersive Experience?

Nick & Tau wanted to create a technology-driven narrative experience which blended gameplay with live actors. The experience was meant to be playable on the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts during the festival. They wanted users to be able to start at any point near the festival but wind up and at the same destination.


Our Process

The project needed to make use of both GPS and place of interest (POI) data. provided a custom built Unity template which was able to use both. Tau led the writing effort while Nick directed actor rehearsals and authored the experience using provided authoring support.

The Solution

Liminus was available during the festival. The POI data allowed users to start from any point near the festival. It allowed narrative points to take place at types of locations (e.g. a coffee shop, a bar) instead of specific ones. As the experience progressed, GPS points were used to bring users to specific places where actors were going to be and, eventually, to the last destination with actors who played out the final scene.


The Result: A Ground-Breaking Theater Experience

Liminus was a great success and an amazing blending of physical and digital storytelling. It was enjoyed by many of the festival attendees.

MIT’s Fourth Hacking Arts Festival–Last weekend’s event forecasted the future of art and technology.