Mindwar–A Location-Based Game Built With Motive

Mindwar is the long-awaited follow-up to RocketChicken’s critically-acclaimed location-based spy game, CodeRunner. Mindwar served as the testing ground for many of the concepts that later evolved into the Motive.io platform.

Can We Use Motive to Create a Fully Featured Location-Based Game?

CodeRunner stands out as one of the most innovative iPhone games to date. It offers a unique blend of location-based gameplay and storytelling that created a highly personalized experience for each player. One challenge that we faced while we were developing CodeRunner was that our writer had no way to iterate on the story himself. All of his changes had to go through a developer, which led to long delays in the story development. Read more about our CodeRunner story here.

With Mindwar, we had a few requirements for the game:

  • We wanted to give our story creators the ability to develop and iterate on their work independently from the developers.
  • We wanted to build a system that would let us continue to produce new content for the game after the app was released
  • Finally, the platform needed to handle the unique challenges faced when creating apps that take place in the real world. Players can play anywhere at any time and the game needed to be able to adapt to their environment.

Our Process

Mindwar has gone through multiple iterations and we have developed several fully-featured prototypes along the way. Much of what we learned during this development process influenced the development of Motive.io. Mindwar has since been rebuilt from the ground up using Motive.io.

Developing a Location-based game can be a very challenging process, but Motive.io finally gave us the tools we needed to build the game we’d always imagined. The authoring and content delivery platform let us test different game ideas and story arcs early in the process, and let both the creative and technical members of the team iterate in parallel. The testing features available in the Unity SDK gave us the ability to simulate game play anywhere in the world without leaving our desk. The online authoring and hosting system let us make changes to the game while we were testing in the real world without having to jump through the hoops to create a new build and push it to our phones.

The Solution

Mindwar is the flagship game for the Motive.io platform. It takes advantage of a plethora of features that sets it apart from other games in its class, including:

  • Adaptive content engine that crafts personalized gameplay for each player anywhere in the world
  • AR mechanics that connect virtual items to the real world
  • A rich collection of characters who interact using audio, video, and text messaging
  • Player-to-player features where players can create “data nodes” to trade virtual items with each other and NPCs
  • Background running modes that allow you to play the game with your phone in your pocket
location-based game, Mindwar, made with Motive
Location-based game made with Motive