Outdoor tours, indoor audio guides, exhibit tours, scavenger hunts and adventure games can all be created using Explore AR. Leveraging map data, AR Kit and AR Core integration and and built-in media players, your app can be truly immersive. The following features are standard with Explore AR and your app can include any or all of them

Your control the content

Our apps are all connected to our proprietary drag and drop authoring tool, which means if you would like to make changes to your app content after it's released - you can! No need to contact us to change it for you.

"You guys have your finger on the pulse! It's like WordPress for AR!"
~Daniel Clark, Client

location data

Use gps (outdoors) to guide the user from one site to the next and trigger content based on a user’s gps location.


Use beacons for indoor triggers and navigation (where gps is not as reliable)

Media Engine

Full screen video, written screen messages, images, sounds and 3d models can all be displayed and used to drive the experience.


Indicate walking direction and distance to the next attraction or stop on the tour (using GPS outdoors).

Augmented Reality

Trigger content, visuals and directions using AR Markers, GPS, beacons, story points and more.

Image tracking

Use AR Kit/AR Core or our Vuforia integration (licence required) to implement image tracking.


Gamify your tour with tasks and missions, use the built-in inventory system to allow users to keep track of where they’ve been and what they’ve collected.

Locative Audio

Place audio at GPS locations and control how that audio is played back.

Built-In Pedometer

Use the "in-motion" feature to start music or a narration as soon as the user is walking. Track the users steps and give rewards or cues based on how far they have travelled.

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